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SME Forum from Every Walk of Life


FORSEAA will be gateway of AFRICA and ASEAN Small Medium Economics Forum for producer and end user to engage direct channel to distribute goods and services to ensure economic progress, care for natural resource, upswing design and brand image globally.

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Enhancing SMEs Capabilities

Considering the culture, talents and the huge market potential FORSEAA helps showcasing SMEs of various disciplines from AFRICA and ASEAN to the world.

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Connect and Explore

Annually FORSEAA organises promotion activities, business networking and interaction activities and organize trade missions

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Annually FORSEAA organises promotion activities, business networking and interaction activities and organize trade missions


FORSEAA 'Forum of Small Medium Economics AFRICA ASEAN' is an inter-governmental forum, aim to harness the Small Medium Economics between AFRICA and ASEAN and to build alliances to wide arrays of market from various parts of the world, to expand the market, to enhance design and branding image, to improve competitiveness and access to capital and advocacy of sovereign policy.

FORSEAA was initiated on 26th September 2012 by the Government of Seychelles and Indonesia in the presence of the respective foreign mission from the AFRICA and ASEAN nations at Jakarta, Indonesia.

FORSEAA Charter was adopted on 04th March 2014 by the respective founder member countries from Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kenya, Lao, Myanmar, Nigeria, Seychelles, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Zimbabwe and has been ratified by Regulation of Minister of Cooperative and Small Medium Economics Republic of Indonesia No.29/Kep/M.KUKM/IX/2014 dated September 29, 2014.

FORSEAA permanent secretariat is based in Jakarta and responsible to administer and organize the smooth running of the initiatives and programs to reveal a new potential development of the economic powers through Small Medium Economics of AFRICA and ASEAN.

FORSEAA memberships are free and open to:
MEMBERS (national, regional and local government)
AFFILIATES (international organization, association, academic, professional)
PARTNERS (corporate, business, financial institution, media)

September 26, 2012 - Introduction of FORSEAA

The Minister of Cooperative and SME, Vice Minister of Industry, Director General Small Medium Industry of Ministry of Industry, Director Africa and Director of ASEAN of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of the Republic of Indonesia together with Special Envoy of Seychelles for ASEAN and Ambassadors and Representative of Brunei, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Egypt, Guinea, Lao, Libya,Mozambique, Myanmar, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Thailand, Tunisia and Zimbabwe at Hotel Borbudur Jakarta


  • To recognize the fundamental importance of SMEs entrepreneurial spirit as one of the challenges in achieving progress on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reduce inequalities between multi nationals and small businesses, to create women and youth entrepreneurs, to attain decent work opportunity and economic growth, to promote responsible production.
  • To promote AFRICA-ASEAN people-to-people contact through SMEs internships, fellowships, scholarships and cultural exchanges. To contribute to the evolution of strategic cooperation between AFRICA-ASEAN economic that promotes mutual assistance towards equitable opportunity.
  • To attain international interaction for AFRICA-ASEAN SMEs and promote identity awareness, to enter into wider global participation, inter alia through human resources development, design improvisation, market penetration, brand imaging and financial assistance that will enable the SMEs to realize their full potential and capacity to contribute to progress as productive and responsible members of society.


  • FORSEAA will be a gateway link to accelerate the SMEs direct partnership between AFRICA and ASEAN. The development between AFRICA and ASEAN nations, such between Seychelles and Indonesia and its neighbouring countries within ASEAN is relatively increasing but in many cases still through the third party, due to the limits and lack of communication among the SMEs players.
  • SMEs contribute highly to the national economy and play an exciting role in the wake of economic developments in AFRICA and ASEAN. FORSEAA will assist SMEs to earn higher margin by upswing of design, technology innovation and digital marketing approach to create value chain of new economy.
  • There is need to ease the working capital to support the capabilities of SMEs. FORSEAA generates professionally managed data base of SMEs to integrate producer and consumer and link with financial institution direct channel to ease the access to working capital. FORSEAA will liaise with the governments to search supportive policy and incentive for the inclusion of identification of fair trade and equal opportunity for prospective growth of the SMEs.
  • FORSEAA will attract its affiliates and partners to create reciprocal foster partnership between the big enterprise and the SMEs to impetus the regional SMEs potential. FORSEAA will invite partnership with regional and global logistic players to improve the efficiency for SMEs goods an products mobilization.
  • FORSEAA will launch calendar of event for SMEs promotion in parallel with international conferences and workshop including to raise awareness on the SME design and intellectual proprietor rights. FORSEAA will establish permanent display centre at strategic location such as commercial places and airports.



This activity is dedicated on the crafts, fashion, furniture, leather related small medium industries, to adopt the market trend, quality standard, eco-friendly with appropriate utensils.


This activity is aimed at cottage industry to generate value added of agriculture and food based products which meet the standard of international health. On the upstream, FORSEAA will focus to create high yields for the community farming and adoption of sustainable eco-friendly technology.


This activity will calibrate the ideas of young and innovative creative SME to meet the funds and investors. Such SME will actualize its ideas by the dynamism of STI to be a new economy in its marketplace. FORSEAA existing activity relates to technology on digital marketing, social media, secure communication, surveillance & monitoring system.


This activity will accelerate the local community to become entrepreneur and develop compassionate tourism destination. This SME group will envisage eco-culture and create attractive new destinations package for tourist to explore.



In partnership with designate country and organization FORSEAA will launch calendar of event for SMEs promotion parallel with international seminar and conferences. FORSEAA also establish permanent display centre in strategic location such commercial place and airport.


Through the affiliations with designers, institutions and academics, FORSEAA will assist the SMEs with appropriate design, packaging technology and branding to upswing the products to be attractive and competitive.


Through partnerships with public and private entity, supported by professionally managed data base of SMEs, FORSEAA integrates producer and consumer link to ease the financial assistance to support the capabilities of the SMEs


FORSEAA will assist the SME of AFRICA and ASEAN to attain a new economy, by introduction of new market, new partner, new technology, new innovation, new design and new approach of delivering the businesses directly to the consumer or in cooperation with FORSEAA affiliation partners.

FORSEAA will play an exciting role in harnessing the SME of AFRICA and ASEAN to wide range market from various parts of the world and to build alliances outside the region to expand the market, enhance design and branding, improve competitiveness, access to capital and advocacy of sovereign policy.

FORSEAA will offer a one door networking of government, academic, business, finance, design, research and community all integrated thru an interactive database which become the power of social economy to create new market and its requirements.


FORSEAA promote decentralize partnership among the SME local actors internationally to accelerate the achievement of goals of the SME original identity and uplift the added value of the SME products and services. FORSEAA explore business networking and organize interaction activities to help small and medium economics (SMEs) to connect with businesses and partners within AFRICA – ASEAN and beyond the world.


One of the FORSEAA social mission is the Social Creative Inmate program, dedicated for prisoners undergoing sentence in the correction centres. The program coaches the inmates to be small industry producers such as crafts and amenities. This mission is aimed to build self-confidence and talent for inmates to be SME entrepreneur back in the society.

Founder Member

Brunei Darussalam Cambodia Indonesia
Kenya Laos Myanmar
Nigeria Seychelles Somalia
South Africa Sudan Zimbabwe

Permanent Secretariat

Secretary General
(Founder and Executive Chairman)
Executive Director
(Tourism and Culture)
Executive Director
(Small Medium Industries)
Executive Director
(Information and Technology)
Executive Director
(Fashion Lifestyle)

: Nico Barito

: Alain St Ange

: Euis Saedah

: Irawan Mulyadi

: Budi Harjanto

Executive Secretary
Assistant Secretary

Program Officer
Program Officer
Program Officer
Program Officer
: Jordy Pratama
: Ricky Bahryzal

: Dwining Wahyudi
: Josua Somba
: Rizqiyah Hasanah
: Rizqi Amanah

Jl. Sumenep 17, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat 10310
:(62) 21 390 1075
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Shigemi Furuta Director, Japan